Landscape Paintings of Ron Gang

dry winter valleyPin It

dry winter valley

Ron Gang is an artist based in Kibbutz Urim, Israel. For over 20 years Ron Gang has been venturing out to the land of Israel’s Western Negev desert near his home. Hundreds of plein air oil studies record the seasons, light and feel of the gullies and fields of this still unspoiled area. “Painting directly from nature is the real deal.”

aliyaPin It


as above so belowPin It

as above so below

besor acaciaPin It

besor acacia

bluesky island acaciaPin It

bluesky island acacia

cdn massifPin It

cdn massif


dry springPin It

dry spring

eastview endPin It

eastview end

fata morganaPin It

fata morgana

may tamariskgully

meadowbroshPin It


november cathedralPin It

november cathedral

september morning tree

dry winter valleyPin It

dry winter valley

short lived lushPin It

short lived lush

spring cathedralPin It

spring cathedral

telPin It


Pin It

the survivor

trinityPin It


westviewPin It


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