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How to Manage a Client who Challenges Your Design Pricing

Apr 26, 2012
Wijdan Rohail

How to Manage a Client who Challenges Your Design Pricing

It has always been said that everything has its pros and cons. This is in fact true because when it comes to freelancing, a lot of people fancy it as you are not answerable to anyone and being your own boss is sometimes the best thing in the world. Freelancers do face a lot of problems and one big problem that they have to handle is pricing of the projects. There are a few designers who offer their services with package based pricing. However, most of the designers have to give clients a custom quote, depending on the project and its demands. Time duration for completing a project will always be different for each project hence; estimating time is a challenge for all designers. Apart from that, getting a client agreed on your quoted price is even a bigger challenge.

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