Hilltop House

Openbox Company has designed Hilltop House, which is located in Kaoyai, Nakornratchasrima, Thailand and surrounded by a landscape of enormous boulders and lush vegetation, easily visible from the interior through glass walls.

Y House

Designed by the New York-based firm Silver+Ong, Y House is the new home of a family from Singapore. Incorporating industrial elements of décor, a triangular-shaped roof and a neat interior, the residence is nothing but breezy, bright and comfortable.

Laurel Way

Designed by Whipple Russell Architects, Laurel Way in an innovative project located in Beverly Hills, California. One aesthetic idea driving the creation of Laurel Way was that each room or space should be a jewel box, an individually conceived, precisely… Continue Reading

Tiny Wooden House On Stilts

Commissioned by a family within the mountainous region of East Tyrol, this Austrian house is a fully-furnished and functional home set on a hillside overlooking some of the best mountain views in the area.

House Philipp

Designed by Philipp Architekten., House Philipp is located in Waldenburg, Germany, which covers an area of 3370 square feet, all bright and clean spaces, with an emphasis on order and serenity.

Casa Cor

Architect Pedro Lázaro has designed Casa Cor, an annex to a house featuring nature landscape, which is located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.