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Dec 8, 2013
Mike Bruce

Realistic pencil portraits of people and pets from photographs by Birmingham based artist Mike Bruce.

Dec 7, 2013
ayaz malik

Christmas Fonts play a critical role when it comes to designing Christmas related graphics. So today, keeping the upcoming holiday season in mind, we are sharing twenty of our favorite Christmas fonts. As usual, we are attaching an all-in-one download file.

Dec 4, 2013
andrey prikaznov

Today I will show you the process of creating photo slider with AngularJS and CSS3. The slider itself is not very complicated, but it will have a unique 3D effect when we turn the slides.

Dec 3, 2013
ayaz malik

If you are a web designer, you have must be doing lots of CSS editing everyday. And for that, you must be using one or more CSS editing tools.Even though, there are hundreds of CSS editing tools available on internet right now, only a handful of them are actually good.

Dec 2, 2013

Still looking for a way to make your development process more productive, qualitative, and of course, time-saving? Frantically trying to avoid monotonous routine of converting psd into html/css? Then our list of free HTML web UI kits for websites and apps will definitely awaken your interest.

Dec 1, 2013
andrey prikaznov

PHP is the most widely used language when it comes to server-side programming. If you are a beginner or an advanced programmer and you use it in your work – our article will be very useful for you. Because today I want to bring to your attention a small collection of quite interesting and useful php snippets. They are designed as finished functions, and you can easily transfer them in a class or a library file for later use in your projects.

Nov 26, 2013
Nasim Naghibi

What is common in all these dreams is obvious. They completely satisfy wishes excited during the day which remain unrealized. They are simply and undisguisedly realizations of wishes.
Sigmund Freud

Nov 23, 2013
ayaz malik

Dreamweaver is the code editor by Adobe that is used by the web developers and designers all around the world, but it is expensive. So, there’s always a need of a free CSS editors.

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