May 13, 2015 Tattoo

Watercolor Raven Tattoo on Back for Women-16

Ravens full back tattoo

The two ravens are portrayed in black watercolor style, with a sense of deep sorrow and depressing thought.

When I stumbled upon the tattoo ideas across the net, one of bird tattoos with black theme almost on all designs, came into my sight. It’s raven tattoo. Raven has been lived with humans for thousands of years. In North America, many people may take crows as raven as they look quite identical and it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the two bird species. Ravens, like common ravens, are larger than American crows. While there exist other distinctions, raven is a bird with more mystical symbolism and meanings echoed by some people who get it on tattoo.
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 A simple, less clutter superhero bedroom sample.

A simple, less clutter superhero bedroom sample

The bedroom is probably one of the rooms you will spend most of your time in a house. Bedrooms are not just rooms where we sleep, enjoy or feel comfortable, but also places where we can DIY and practise creative ideas and add fun or wow in the life, especially for children. For boys, fun and play is more important than sleep. Bedrooms for boys could be designed full of fun so that they can play and let their imaginations fly.
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May 10, 2015 Beauty
Grechelle Magbanua

9 japanese nail art

The vintage flowery blended with nude color and beaded designs goes perfectly with a summer outfit. When you’re going out with friends to have a picnic then this should be a good design to go with.

Keeping our nails clean has grown to be an interesting trend nowadays. It’s just not enough to keep them looking pink and presentable, but fashionable nails or Nail Art is the thing to follow. Even before, the concept of nail art was already around the corner and women did a lot of things just to make coloring their nails possible. In today’s pop culture women, artists and hobbyists have come together to revel in more possibilities when it comes to nail art.
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ICE DRAGON MASK Color mixture: Blue, Purple, Silver & Teal Gem included - It is a clear jewel but it's got a tremendous amount of fire in it that sparkles with just every color. The mask is roughly 5 3/4" wide by 4 1/2" tall.  Handsculpted and handpainted.

Color mixture: Blue, Purple, Silver & Teal. Gem included – It is a clear jewel but it’s got a tremendous amount of fire in it that sparkles with just every color.
The mask is roughly 5 3/4″ wide by 4 1/2″ tall. Handsculpted and handpainted.

Namingway or Robin is a cartoonist, illustrator, mask maker, sculptor and graphic designer based in the United States. She is currently busy with her online comic called Real Life Fiction however, she continues to take commissions for the masks that she makes. Her masks are all hand sculpted and hand painted making each one unique and never the same.
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How to have a happy birthday party? Just candles and cake?

Parties are fun but organizing them can be hard work especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, these days there are so many party ideas which are readily available everywhere. Nowadays, there are online stores that sell party packages from invitations, decorations and even party favors. Don’t know what to do on your next birthday party? Then, try browsing online. In fact, just by going to Pinterest, you can already get new ideas for your next birthday party.
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May 5, 2015 Illustrations


Bookwork – a girl reading the book. The standing bird represents the integration of surroundings and the figure.

Oslo based freelance illustrator Esra Røise continues blowing her fans with her elegant and whimsical illustrations. Most of artworks feature young figures with fashionable style or elements. Watercolor is the best to apply a sense of surreal and abstract, evoking one’s interpretation from different angles.
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CHINA-KOREA-JAPAN SangSang's interpretation of three ladies from three different countries. Created using watercolor, marker pens and edited via Photoshop. (Left-Right: China, Korea & Japan)

SangSang’s interpretation of three ladies from three different countries. Created using watercolor, marker pens and edited via Photoshop.(Left-Right: China, Korea & Japan)

SangSang is a young female artist from South Korea. She makes art pieces using watercolor, marker pens, glitter glues, spray paints and other disposable personal ornaments. She then edits her work via Photoshop to create different effects on her art pieces. Her art can be described as different, quirky, colorful and playful. To her, she is inspired to make more art because she believes that whatever she does creates stories, stories she wishes to share to everyone through her work. In her opinion, her work is different from other artists because she whenever she draws, she tries to imagine herself as whoever or whatever she draws. This is how she internalizes to be able to create her own art. She believes that she can change Korea through her drawings.
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May 4, 2015 Film | Motion Graphics


Hype is one word that can describe how this Anime hit not only all of Japan but the world as well. Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル) has now become a household name to hundreds and thousands of fans from all over the globe. What makes this Anime special? Some say it’s because of the story, the plot. While others say it’s because of the characters, while some say it’s because of the art. Everyone has their own reasons to love it, and it can take one from each category mashed into a single Anime that makes it appealing to fans of all ages and all races.
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