Paintings by Anthony Clarkson

20110222 aclockworkcourtesan600 746

The art of Anthony Clarkson is a ghostly surreal world, mixed with troubled spirits and a sense of emptiness. Anthony is based in US.

20110222 grandfatherclock600 746

20110222 essenceofeternia600 754

20110222 temptationswings600 600

20110222 inthe11thhour600 476

20110222 borninbloom600 599

20110222 45thewickedlywonderfulworldofoz600 476

20110222 44stupidmansuitstupidbunnysuitdonniedarko600 375

20110222 36thiswretchedwasteland600 376

20110222 35thegreatcolddistance600 476

20110222 youthanasia585 775

20110222 57finderskeepers600 475

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  1. Years ago I had a baby, and I named him: “Anthony Van Clarkson.” Because I was homeless at the time, foster care took over caring for him.
    Now I am looking for him. Can you help?
    When I find someone with this name, I send the same message, hoping it will be him.
    Thank you,
    Louisa May Clarkson. (415)-693-9629
    1251-D Exposition Dr.
    San Francisco, CA. 94130

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