Sexy pin-up girls by Dominic Marco


Mandalorian Pin Up

A Star Wars themed pin up girl based on Model Elle Munster

Canadian artist Dominic Marco is well-known for his rich production of whimsically sexy pin-up illustrations. His proficiency in traditional drawings and digital art enables his freedom of applying the classical art form on many characters of digital world. Dominic’s characters are always featured with spectacular coloring and perfect style. Sometimes they are depicted with modern tattoo style. While he is busy in production design on Jim Henson’s Doozers and the new series of Inspector Gadget, Dominic’s cute pin-up girls keep feeding inspirations to game designers and tattoo artists.

vampire01_by_dominic_marco600 480


Sexy and cute with detailed outfit and coloring

black_shamrock_by_dominic_marco600 860

baseball_by_dominic_marco600 900

shamrock_girl_by_dominic_marco600 899

waterloo_sunset_by_dominic_marco600 900



Anchors Away

A new Pin Up that is a mixed-multimedia piece by hand-drawn, and coloured in Photoshop and the anchor was built and rendered in Maya.

fly away with me

Fly Away with Me

Rocketeer miniseries from IDW. Muted the colours a bit to give it some classic sort of look.

pirate girl

Pirate Girl

Sexy lil Pirate girl with great shading.

sinbad 13

Sinbad 13 cover colours

This is cover for Zenescope’s 1001 Arabian Nights/Sinbad #13

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