Flower Paintings by Vie Dunn-Harr

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Vie Dunn-Harr was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1953. Dunn-Harr found her artistic expression slowly, yet deliberately, and continues to explore the many possibilities in the arts. She studied in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de Medici Instituto de Arte and at the Toblach-Dobbiaco Academia Italia. She derived much of her early experience from the traditional school and continues to embrace formalism. Her works are organic forms rooted in architectural elements. The forms are sensuous and portray the force and fragility of nature. Dunn-Harr considers herself a contemporary realist and has exhibited in the USA, Europe and Mexico.

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20110324 whatisatulip500h 600x473

20110324 amazontango 600x449

20110324 naturesjewelery

20110324 avineintangerine 600x497

20110324 49959299 vie dunnharr 600x599

20110324 untamed 600x479

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20110324 82ac2fa01934 600x721

20110324 49718528 01 600x424

20110324 63472517 vie dunnharr 600x601

20110324 lrsdunn harrvicblueirises

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  1. Absolutely fabulous, keep looking at them again and again. The colours incredible, what a talent.

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