Illustrations by Daniel Mackie

20110408 riversprite600 935
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Fairy, illustration of a river sprite

British Illustrator Daniel Mackie, after using photoshop for over 10 years ditches it in favor of more traditional media, Pencil and watercolour.

20110408 waynerooneypotrait600 937
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Wayne Rooney portrait with Nike socks

20110408 waterpour 640600 402
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Bottled Water- Watercolour illustration

20110408 spiderman2585 600
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Spider-Man illustration

20110408 sammamiaposterboot600 861
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The Samaritans- illustration for SAMMA MIA!

20110408 runner 640600 406
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The long distance Runner

20110408 converse dancer 640600 397
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Converse All-Stars illustration

20110408 chuckberry600 412
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Chuck Berry portrait

20110408 bjork 640600 412
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Björk portrait

20110408 babies573 600
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Weighing the babies – Watercolour illustration

20110408 nucular waste illustration546 600
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Wall Street Jorunal. Recycling nuclear waste illustration

20110408 icarus watercolour rising500 738
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The flight of Icarus – Greek myth watercolour illustration

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