Illustrations by Patipat Asavasena

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Patipat Asavasena was born in 1984. Patipat is an illustrator and concept artist based in Thailand.

20110326 the magical pigment shop by asuka111 600x346

20110326 the illusionist by asuka111 600x411

20110326 the manikin s portrait by asuka111 600x311

20110326 the coffee maker by asuka111 d2ypsyb 600x424

20110326 summoner library 600x450

20110326 skull head ii by asuka111

20110326 stealing kiwi s eggs by asuka111 600x386

20110326 sealed oni by asuka111

20110326 inkblot by asuka111 600x364

20110326 hollow hat by asuka111 d342ele

20110326 4ba330aeac71b61cc2edaebb8e151aa8 d35kvzw 600x450

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