Illustrations by Jeremy Young

20110428 mindless wisdom by navras2535d39axax600 780

Bright, colourful and interesting illustrations created by young vector artist Jeremy Young. Jeremy is based in New Zealand.

20110428 we re all mad here by navras2535600 1009

20110428 stare into me by navras2535600 818

20110428 eb0839f96454ab2dca87f55acea77358600 684

20110428 diamonds by navras2535580 1019

20110428 become by navras2535580 960

20110428 a6239f6f6e968c4940a1504d99e70f67d30nffv600 777

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  1. Awsome!!!! I would love to learn how to use this medium. Whatever your doing, take to the depth of it.Brillantly done……..BRAVO My friend!

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