20 Stunning Steampunk Artisan Crafts

antique steampunk clock  3  by leafsstock600 8501

Antique steampunk clock 3 by leafsstock

Clocks, guns, jewelry are one of the most popular steampunk-ed objects. Steampunk is mostly associated with fantasy stories and is related to an era when steam engines were widely used. It is an attempt to merge steam motorized objects and machines with contemporary themes and technologies. In this post, we will feature a good number of artists who have created some really stunning steampunk artisan crafts that may spark your imagination.

steampunk madness ring by catherinetterings600 600

Steampunk madness ring by catherinetterings

steampunk ring ooak by catherinetterings600 600

Steampunk ring ooak by catherinetterings

steampunk clock xix by diarment600 541

Steampunk clock xix by diarment

steampunk ring borosilicate by catherinetterings600 600

Steampunk ring borosilicate by catherinetterings

steampunk necklace   butterfly by voltagepoint600 435

Steampunk necklace butterfly by voltagepoint

steampunk necklace   bug by voltagepoint600 831

Steampunk necklace bug by voltagepoint

steampunk jewelry ring a by catherinetterings600 600

Steampunk jewelry ring a by catherinetterings

steampunk butterfly 2 by voltagepoint600 450

Steampunk butterfly 2 by voltagepoint

steampunk brooch by staticskies579 562

Steampunk brooch by staticskies

steampunk antigravity clock by diarment475 687

Steampunk antigravity clock by diarment

steampunk beholder sculpture by catherinetterings600 600

Steampunk beholder sculpture by catherinetterings

steampunk alice caterpillar by catherinetterings600 600

Steampunk alice caterpillar by catherinetterings

sailormoon steampunk locket 7 by siplbunny600 462

Sailormoon steampunk locket 7 by siplbunny

nerf nite finder steampunk mod by aimeekitty554 434

Nerf nite finder steampunk mod by aimeekitty

fin de siecle   steampunk ring by bazikotek600 459

Fin de siecle steampunk ring by bazikotek

clockwork bling pocketwatch by steamsociety500 500

Clockwork bling pocketwatch by steamsociety

steampunk wrist gun 1 by hexonal600 480

Steampunk wrist gun 1 by hexonal

razorblade clock keys pendant by steamsociety500 500

Razorblade clock keys pendant by steamsociety

magic clock600 402

The famous clock from the old square of Prague (Czech Republic)

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