Anasazi Ruins by Rick Schafer

denny s den600 450
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Denny’s den

The Anasazi Pueblo People were an ancient culture of Native Americans who were believed to have lived as long ago as the 12 century BCE. These ancient peoples are known for the impressive pueblo homes, made of mud, stone, or carved into canyon walls, which are today called the Anasazi Ruins. These ruins can be found at many sites in the American Southwest, including Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Dark Canyon Wilderness, and other sites predominately located in the states of Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. All of these ruins are sacred places and should be treated with respect when visited.

moonhouse complex600 450
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Moonhouse complex

moab petroglyphs600 450
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Moab petroglyphs

lower fish canyon ruin600 800
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Lower fish canyon ruin

hand prints at double stack ruin600 450
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Hand prints at double stack ruin

granary near yellow house ruin600 450
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Granary near yellow house ruin

false kiva island in the sky600 450
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False kiva island in the sky

duck head man600 404
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Duck head man

dollhouse ruin600 336
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Dollhouse ruin

corona arch moab utah600 453
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Corona arch moab utah

ceiling house ruin600 450
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Ceiling house ruin

butler wash600 361
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Butler wash

big crane basketmaker600 336
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Big crane basketmaker

a sheiks ruin600 450
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A sheiks ruin

tower house600 800
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Tower house

cliff dwelling near cave 7600 450
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Cliff dwelling near cave

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  1. These are very stunning shots! I really love the tree in front of Corona Arch. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Rick,
    I enjoyed your photos of many of the Anasazi ruins. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve been hoping to visit the “Doll House Ruins” but haven’t been able to get good directions. Can you help me with some good directions to the “Doll House”

    Appreciate anything you can do…..Regards…Joe Kovarik

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