Water Drops Photography by Markus Reugels

water spinner600 899

Water spinner

Amazing water drops photography by Schweinfurt, Germany based photographer Markus Reugels. Markus has a passion to take pictures of Water drops. It’s so fascinating what shapes simple water drops can built! The Human eye are to slow to see them without help. With the high speed photography and macro shots it’s possible to freeze these Magic Moments in an Single Picture.

whirlwind of colors600 900

Whirlwind of colors

they are coming ...600 899

They are coming …

wild colors600 899

Wild colors

the eye600 899

The eye

splash tower600 899

Splash tower

something wrong600 899

Something wrong

shot the parasol 1600 407

Shot the parasol

sculping with water600 400

Sculping with water


pure colors600 899

Pure colors

one more please600 899

One more please

multi color shape 2600 899

Multi color shape

jumping colors600 600

Jumping colors

inverse carousel600 896

Inverse carousel

hold me600 900

Hold me

halloween drop600 899

Halloween drop

ghost in the splash600 899

Ghost in the splash

escape of the prisoner600 400

Escape of the prisoner

energy in the bubble600 400

Energy in the bubble

different ways600 899

Different ways

colors in perfection600 400

Colors in perfection

circle of colors600 900

Circle of colors

cherry on top600 899

Cherry on top

branches600 899


blue beauty600 899

Blue beauty

3 valves600 899

3 valves

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  1. I also do some practice to take photographs of water drop. I have even developed a complete set to do so. But I cannot comprehend how you could take these shots. These are outstanding. Are these real or photo shop manipulated ??

    Details of my set up are in my web site http://www.wingsofpassion.org


    U. Moharana

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