25+ Lively WordPress Plugins for an Interactive Blog

Blogging as a concept and a culture has gained widespread relevance in the present times. People today are driven by a new found zeal and self reliance, and have moved out of the shadows of self doubt and nonacceptance. They confidently share with the world whatever they have to say, and Internet as a medium provides them with the group of audience who will be interested in going through their sentiments. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of having a blog. You need not be concerned about what the other person may think about you or whatever you put across your blog, all you have to do is be honest to yourself. If someone if following you, it is simply because you have touched a chord, right across their hearts.

If however you are left wondering why your WordPress blog has been quite inactive lately, and there is not much happening, its perhaps because you have failed to use all the attributes of WordPress to augment the popularity of your blog. One of the most profitable feature of WordPress, other than being highly search engine friendly and extremely user friendly, is the fact that it support plug-in architectures. Plug-ins are specialized software fragments which increases the scope and functionality of the larger software as a whole.

In this write up we will discuss various plugins which may prove to be highly productive for you in making your web blog more social, lively and interactive,

Plugins Dedicated to a Single Site

Provided below is the list of Plugins aimed for a single specific site covering how you can make your website more popular across specific sites like Digg, Twitter and etc.

Digg Digg – With this WordPress plugin you can easily add the Digg button in the posts and also provides you with commands which will let you choose its float attribute to eiter left or right side, whether you wish to publish the same after the content or before the content and other similar settings.

Digg This – now this is an intelligent WordPress plugin which only adds the Digg button after realizing that your post has been published to a popular website. It is better because it saves you from the sulking feeling of seeing zero Digg badges, in case your post hasn’t been that popular lately.

Dugg Widget – this plugin will put across a widget in the sidebar and will inform you the recent ten posts from your blog which has been through with the Digg.

FriendFeed Activity Widget – this helps you connect on a personal level with your users by sharing all the FriendFeed activities with your readers who frequents your blog.

FriendFeed Comments WordPress Plugin – this WordPress plugin carries the reference of Mashable which has employed this plugin in order to learn which article has been marked as “favorite” and how many times by the users. This plugin will also display the comments directly from the FriendFeed discussion panel, on your blog or site.

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