Concept Art by Sandara

hades and persephone 2600 376
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Hades and persephone

Known as Sandara in dA, Sandara is digital artist based in Singapore. Sandara’s work is absolutely amazing. Each of her digital paintings conveys an emotion. It’s a huge inspiration for me. Please check out to her deviantart accountfor more of her pieces.

white hind600 782
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White hind

young marsh drake600 600
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Young marsh drake

temeraire600 374
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roughwork2600 463
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memento600 844
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lullaby600 776
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halloween600 400
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gu zheng by sandarad49sb2c600 849
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Gu zheng by sandarad49sb2c

eli 2600 408
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bernard and brutus600 346
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Bernard and brutus

beastmaster600 792
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autumn herald600 373
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Autumn herald

stardragon600 534
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amara and cirrus600 424
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Amara and cirrus

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