Photography by Felicia Simion

nostalgia600 402


Amazing portraits Photography by Romania based photographer Felicia Simion.

the softening of sound600 400

The softening of sound

sweet tangerine600 399

Sweet tangerine

secrets600 434


quench your thirst for words600 324

Quench your thirst for words

nocturnal ashes600 600

Nocturnal ashes

naive600 341


lochbird600 600


late morning lullaby600 610

Late morning lullaby

lacy winters600 400

Lacy winters

irene600 600


if youve got dreams600 400

If youve got dreams

i wish you600 385

I wish you

her childlike smile600 400

Her childlike smile

every now and then600 401

Every now and then

don t you burn away600 600

Don’t you burn away

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