Digital Art by Alastair Fell

pirate girl by alyfell600 801

Awesome digital artwork by Alastair Fell. Alastair is a Manchester UK based illustrator and concept artist. Alastair has over 20 years experience in the animation and games industry, having previously worked as an animator at Cosgrove Hall Films (on Dangermouse, Count Duckula, The BFG and Discworld, and various other projects including specials for Chuck Jones.

He’s now a freelance illustrator, and his clients include Simon and Schuster, Ilex Press, Asylum Press, Llewellyn Publishing and Harper Collins.

vicky the winter witch by alyfell600 1089

rosie poe by alyfell600 1071

gangus tribute by alyfell600 898

elphaba by alyfell600 427

charge by alyfell600 930

2600 958

1600 960

harley quinn by alyfell584 874

Plug Me In

Rowan the witch

scheherazade by alyfell600 661

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