Paintings by Fabian Perez

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Fabian Perez is an artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a teenager Fabian was fascinated with martial arts and fine arts. He currently resides in Los Angeles and is known for his paintings of the tango and for his portraits. In 2009 Perez was named the official artist of the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Fabian’s style is unique. He wishes not to categorize his work, he feels this limits the artist as well as the work. He likes to paint with acrylic because it dries quickly and this allows him to follow his impulses. The bold and symbolic imagery feels intensely passionate.

Fabian paints with his emotions and each painting reflects his drive and energy. The paintings become a roadmap, a guide with many directions, where the viewers decide which path they wish to experience.

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fabian perez 30600 449

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fabian perez 26600 446

fabian perez 25600 755

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fabian perez 11600 449

fabian perez 10600 479

fabian perez 9600 450

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fabian perez 2600 451

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  1. I want to purchase a certain painting of a flamenco dancer and I can’t find it for sale, her back is turned and shes in a black dress with red background

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