Portrait Illustrations by Grzegorz Domaradzki

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Portrait Illustrations by Poznan, Poland based artist Grzegorz Domaradzki. Gabz graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań with a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts and Drawing.

After the graduation, he first worked as an illustrator and later as a graphic designer for various advertising agencies. In 2005, he went freelance and hasn’t looked back since.

In the early years, Gabz’s personal art work revolved around rather dark themes.
A conscious effort to make his work more broadly appealing and optimistic in its tone has coincided with an increasing focus on his favorite way of creating images: he initially works with pencil and/or pen, before the hand-drawn art gets perfected on his iMac. He also works with vectors, watercolor, acrylic and oil paint. Gabz majors in graphic design and enjoys playing with custom-made typography.

grzegorz domaradzki28600 852

grzegorz domaradzki27600 739

grzegorz domaradzki29600 901

grzegorz domaradzki3600 850

grzegorz domaradzki25600 675

grzegorz domaradzki24600 799

grzegorz domaradzki23600 839

grzegorz domaradzki21600 850

grzegorz domaradzki12600 848

grzegorz domaradzki11600 850

grzegorz domaradzki9600 833

grzegorz domaradzki8600 600

grzegorz domaradzki6600 800

grzegorz domaradzki5600 915

grzegorz domaradzki4600 423

grzegorz domaradzki2600 807

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