Comic Art by Alex Sinclair

free comic book day 2012 cover by alex sinclair600 943
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Free comic book day 2012 cover

Alex is an award winning comic book colorist who has worked in the industry for 19 years. In that time, he’s colored almost every WildStorm and DC Character he could get his hands on. He is widely known for his work on Batman: Hush and Blackest Night. Other highlights include Justice League, Flashpoint, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Superman: For Tomorrow, Astro City, Arrowsmith, Identity Crisis and Wonder Woman.

justice league no 4 combo cvr by alex sinclair600 913
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Justice league no 4 combo cvr

justice league 3 cover by alex sinclair600 904
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Justice league 3 cover

jl2 pgs 2 3 by alex sinclair600 464
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flash no 3 variant by alex sinclair600 933
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Flash no 3 variant

enter superman by alex sinclair600 911
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Enter superman

batma no 2 variant cover by alex sinclair600 905
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Batma no 2 variant cover

dark knight 3 cover by alex sinclair600 872
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Dark knight 3 cover

there goes the neighborhood by alex sinclair585 756
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There goes the neighborhood

covering the con by alex sinclair586 756
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Covering the con

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