Paintings by Philip Barlow

foreign land by philip barlow600 396
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Foreign land

Paintings by Noordhoek, Cape Town based artist Philip Barlow. Throughout the beginning of his career, Philip Barlow specialized in painting large murals in South Africa and abroad. After refining his ability to translate scale and openness in his murals, he began to explore a unique contemporary style using oils on canvas. Barlow is fascinated by light and its effect on different surfaces, especially the abstraction of forms often generated by both natural and artificial lighting.

fox street jhb by philip barlow600 397
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Fox street jhb

dreaming of by philip barlow600 414
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Dreaming of

contradiction by philip barlow594 600
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summery wander by philip barlow600 415
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Summery wander

strawberry ice by philip barlow600 397
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Strawberry ice

observe by philip barlow600 445
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Observe by philip barlow

glass in the sky by philip barlow600 450
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Glass in the sky

distant city ll by philip barlow600 387
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Distant city ll

distant city by philip barlow600 447
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Distant city

radiate by philip barlow600 416
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sea of glass by philip barlow600 401
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Sea of glass

anticipation by philip barlow600 416
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