Illustrations by Erik Jones

the unknown cover number 5 by theirison600 906
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The unknown cover number 5

Illustrations by Brooklyn, New York based artist Erik Jones, aka theirison. Erik is a freelance artist, painter focusing on contemporary figure painting, cover illustration and apparel.

trade wind by theirison600 763
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Trade wind

domingo by theirison600 437
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voyage by theirison 561 864
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tata gala ad by theirison600 766
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Tata gala ad

sis by theirison600 527
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pathfinder cpmic cover 2 by theirison600 906
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Pathfinder cpmic cover 2

inferno by theirison 572 864
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dreamy spoon by theirison600 382
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Dreamy spoon

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  1. Beautiful set of illustrations! I especially like the split concept in the first one and the stark difference of colours to mirror life and death

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