Amazing Fantasy Artwork by J.scott campbell

the little mermaid ftf 2012 by j scott campbell 592 900
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The little mermaid

Amazing Fantasy Artwork by American comic book artist J.scott campbell. Campbell is best known as the original artist and co-creator of Gen and Danger Girl. He got his big break at Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Productions with his work on Gen, his first comic book series, which featured a group of teenage heroes.

princess and the pea by j scott campbell 560 859
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Princess and the pea

not so little red riding hood by j scott campbell 584 900
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Not so little red riding hood

goldilocks and the 3 bears by j scott campbell 539 831
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Goldilocks and the 3 bears

cinderella rag dress 2011 by j scott campbell 588 900
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Cinderella rag dress

thumbelina from fairy tale fantasies 2012 by j scott campbell 594 900
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Thumbelina from fairy tale fantasies

a wendy who grew up ftf 2012 by j scott campbell 587 900
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A wendy who grew up


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  1. Excelentes ilustraciones. Me encanta las tonalidades que usas.Fantásticas.
    Un saludo.

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