Illustrations by Thanos Tsilis

Bat of Johann Strauss 600x839

Bat of Johann Strauss

Illustrations by Athens, Greece based artist Thanos Tsilis. Thanos works on digital painting, and he loves to paint the dynamic motion and dynamic compositions. He is better known for his fusion of realistic and cartoony styles and minimalist line artwork.

Vampire Hunter 600x900

Vampire Hunter

Greek AC 600x700

Greek AC



KongVernikosAD 600x799


Time Travellers 600x412

Time Travellers

Sketch of a girl in a cafe 600x489

Sketch of a girl in a cafe

Merry Christmas card 600x846

Merry Christmas card

Ghost train 600x833

Ghost train

casual game sample background 600x400

casual game-sample background

Dark Age Vamp Warrior 600x781

Dark Age Vamp Warrior



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