Mango Illustrations by Laverinne Nina

Spring Heart

Laverinne Nina is a young artist from Bandung, Indonesia. Inspired by nature, like flowers, water, butterflies, and especially Tukiji Nao, she created the colorful Mango illustrations which are breathtaking and exquisite.

Winter Sun


White Rose 600x395

Turquise Wave

Silver Butterfly

Ruby Rose 600x847

Purple Haze

Morgana 600x433


Mermaid Lily 600x400


Golden Saphire 600x417

Gold fish 600x420

Garnet Brown 600x847

Flying fish

Fire 600x422

Emerald Sea 600x420


Deer Empress

Colour Regret 600x402

Clover Leaf 600x287

Celes Butterfly

Autumn Bird


Water Buterfly

Xei and Vera

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