Mixed Media Illustrations by Valerie Ann Chua

she speaks the truth by green tea600 833

She speaks the truth

Influenced by East Asian watercolor artists, magical realism literature and poetry, Manila, Philippines based artist Valerie Ann Chua paints amazing mixed media illustrations with rich colors. She specializes in traditional media such as watercolor, gouache and acrylic and is also skilled in traditional and digital collage work.

glide by green tea600 358


tendrils by green tea600 900


passenger by green tea600 814


beekeeper by green tea 597 900


a different cut by green tea600 437

A different cut

warmer and warmer by green tea600 893

Warmer and warmer

this mountain sleeps by green tea600 600

This mountain sleeps

peony race by green tea600 298

Peony race by green tea

as i sit in my backyard by green tea600 381

As i sit in my backyard

patches by green tea600 373

Patches by green tea

no need to look down by green tea600 600

No need to look down

a game over tea by green tea600 438

A game over tea

midnight companion by green tea600 756

Midnight companion

it  s not there by green tea 598 856

It’s not there

happy rabbit year by green tea 570 750

Happy rabbit year

i rise at the caress of a kindred spirit by green tea 500 722

I rise at the caress of a kindred spirit

a buried fear grows lemons in the dark by green tea 500 765

A buried fear grows lemons in the dark

autumn hymnal by green tea 500 671

Autumn hymnal

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