Photorealistic Eyes by Armin Mersmann

eye study in pencil by nimra600 594

Eye study in pencil

Influenced and tutored by his father, a successful oil painter, Remscheid, Germany born artist, Armin Mersmann, who lives in Midland, Michigan now, is known for his intense naturalistic graphite drawings. He draws the photorealistic human eyes in motion and detail, portraying strong emotions and personalities.

through the iris ii by nimra600 602

Through the iris ii

through the iris i by nimra600 572

Through the iris i

stripped wipv by nimra 570 566

Stripped wipv

striped wip i by nimra 570 564

Striped wip i

new moon old souls wipii by nimra600 379

New moon old souls wipii

new moon old souls...wip1 by nimra 514 500

New moon old souls…wip1

monolithic drawing wip ii by nimra 568 570

Monolithic drawing wip ii

monolithic drawing wip 3 by nimra 569 570

Monolithic drawing wip 3

through the iris iii by nimra600 260

Through the iris iii

drawing of steve parkhurst by nimra600 584

Drawing of steve parkhurst

drawing of clint completed by nimra600 752

Drawing of clint completed

artist and drawing by nimra600 344

Artist and drawing

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