50 Creative Ideas of Wedding Photography

Rainy wedding

Weddings are a special time for brides and grooms before marriage. It’s a ceremony of love of the two people, as well as their family and friends. With the evolution of technology from film era to digital SLR cameras, photographers have more flexibility and capability to capture the events of the entire course of the day.

Besides technology, it’s important to make a good preparation in order to capture artistically memorable wedding photographs. You need consider time, locations, activities, sets and wedding costumes.
As a professional photographer, creative ideas are always killer factor to win the event.

In this post, I discovered 50 examples of Wedding Photography in which you can get inspirations from the creative ideas. Check out the link to view more portfolio of the photographer and feel free to leave your comment which one do you like the most.

Simply Love


Last romanticists


Underwater Lovers


wedding photography


Love Story

wedding photography


Red Wedding Shoes


Forest Faerie


IPhone Wedding


wedding photography


wedding photography


wedding photography


wedding photography




Umbrella Wedding


Send Her An Angel


wedding photography


Trash it!




Just Married


wedding photography


wedding photography


Wedding Wave


Romantic Wedding


wedding photography


wedding photography


I own the sky


Series Serenade


Rain Wedding


wedding Story


Along the Path


Tearing Up the Boston Public Library


Lemonade Out of Lemons


wedding photography


W Chair


wedding photography


wedding photography






wedding photography




Snow . Globe


happily ever after


Good Drama


Gangster Wedding




wedding photography


Matrix wedding



  1. I Love your pictures, I am amazed, of all these wonderful images

    Thanks for sharing

  2. For our Wedding Photography in Bangalore, I found these photographs really helpful to both our photographers and wedding couples Thanks a lot much appreciated.
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