Concept Illustrations by Philip Straub

Illuminations by Philipstraub


Philip Straub is a freelance artist based in Santa Monica, USA. He has been creating art for the games, film, and publishing industries. His works are composed of fantasy landscapes, characters and photo manipulations.

Where Fears Roam by Philipstraub

Where Fears Roam

Philip Straub

utherworlds stargazer by philipstraub d3dpur0

utherworlds stargaze

The Last Stop by Philipstraub

The Last Stop

rivendell by philipstraub d4welw4


Raison d etre by Philipstraub

Raison d etre

Protos Revisited by Philipstraub

Protos Revisited

Philip Straub3

Philip Straub2

Philip Straub1

Pendelhaven by Philipstraub


Keldon Megolith

Keldon Megolith

In Search Of by Philipstraub

In Search Of

Hex of the Wicked Witch by Philipstraub

Hex of the Wicked Witch

Enchanted Forest by Philipstraub

Enchanted Forest

Utherworlds cohabitations

Utherworlds cohabitations

Crossroads by Philipstraub


Cohabitation by Philipstraub


Road To Ooalovah

Road To Ooalovah

Circle of Satori

Circle of Satori

circle of satori by philipstraub

circle of satori



A Waking Dream

A Waking Dream

Utherworlds Winter Dawn by Philipstraub

Utherworlds Winter Dawn

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