Surreal Paintings by Lohmuller Gyuri

through the time by gyurka d660r12
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Through the time

Lohmuller Gyuri, aka gyurka is a painter based in Brasov, Romania who created fantastic and imaginative pieces of artwork in elegent and detailed style. Lohmuller’s work reminds me of surreal paintings by Salvador Dali, which I love the most.

no appetite by gyurka
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No appetite

perspective 2 by gyurka d4pgb3u
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a fake legend by gyurka d5n3yi8
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A fake legend

controversy by gyurka d3iwei3
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when the master is sleeping 2 by gyurka d30b0y2
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When the master is sleeping

the fools rule the world new by gyurka d4rjpiz
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The fools rule the world new d4rjpiz

advices to nowhere by gyurka d2xof5b
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Advices to nowhere

mad regal by gyurka d32jji8
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Mad regal

Heaven 109 by gyurka
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almost at home by gyurka
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Almost at home

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