Illustrations by Judith Clay

The Sea Voyage

Judith Clay is an artist based from Germany who creates whimsical, playful, and curious illustrations.

I like to think of my pictures as little “escapes” from reality where it’s possible for fish to fly and for girls to ride on sea horses high above the city.

Finding Winter

Portrait of an Apple Orchard



Schools Out


Sunday Excursion to the Zoo


Oda An All Hallows Eve Tale


After Dusk


At the Harbor


Five Hundred Million Little Bells


Five Hundred Million Little Bells


I Follow the Wind


Its a Cat


Its a Fish


Its an Elephant


Jorinda and Joringel


Judith Clay


Judith Clay


My Winter Stars


Once Upon a Time


Snow White and Rose Red


Summers End


The Bird Act


The Guitar Player


The Red Shoes


The White Duck


Winter Twilight


Winterbird or Hope is a Thing With


A Fishy Story


Ana and Eva An All Hallows Eve Tale


Ball Game


Between the Woods and Frozen Lake


Day on the River


Dream Space Tree of Forever Dreams


Five Hundred Million Little Bells

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