50 Beautiful Phoenix Tattoo Designs

1 Phoenix tattoo1

Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix is a mythological bird that recycles its own life in the legends of different cultures, Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, etc. People love phoenix tattoo either because of its original beauty attribute or symbolic meaning of the legendary bird, which represents rebirth, strength, longevity.

In terms of placement, most phoenix tattoos are featured as full back tattoos in colorful details. Some of them are depicted as flames or fire. Some fuse the style of tribal tattoo and are rendered as tribal phoenix. In this post, please enjoy the collection of 50 beautiful phoenix tattoo designs by different artists. Let us know if you have a choice of phoenix tattoo.

2 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo for woman

17 Phoenix tattoo 600x696

Phoenix Back Tattoo

13 Phoenix tattoo

dragon phoenix back piece tattoo

43 Phoenix tattoo

sexy phoenix tattoo

sexy phoenix tattoo

35 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo for man

48 Phoenix tattoo

Beautiful Phoenix tattoo for Women

45 Phoenix tattoo

tribal phoenix tattoo

46 Phoenix tattoo

Dragon and Phoenix

47 Phoenix tattoo

phoenix tattoo on rib

5 Phoenix tattoo

Tribal Inspired Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix back tattoo

Glowing Phoenix

7 Phoenix tattoo

phoenix no three

8 Phoenix tattoo

feathered friend

9 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix with Dragon Head

10 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo by Jackie Rabbit

11 Phoenix tattoo

Black and White Phoenix Rib Tatto for Women

4 Phoenix tattoo

Glowing Phoenix Rib Tattoo

12 Phoenix tattoo

Realistic Phoenix Tattoo

15 Phoenix tattoo

Fullback phoenix tattoo

18 Phoenix tattoo

Colourful Phoenix Tattoo

20 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo on Woman

25 Phoenix tattoo

Spine Phoenix Tattoo

28 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix Full Back Tattoo for Women

Phoenix Thigh tattoo

Thigh Phoenix Tattoo

31 Phoenix tattoo

34 Phoenix tattoo

36 Phoenix tattoo

Rib Phoenix Tattoo

37 Phoenix tattoo

Back Phoenix Tattoo

Flower and Phoenix Tattoo

Flower and Phoenix Tattoo

39 Phoenix tattoo

40 Phoenix tattoo

Starasian Tattoo Art – Amaya Yemaya Russian Phoenix

41 Phoenix tattoo

42 Phoenix tattoo

50 Phoenix tattoo

49 Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix with beautiful feathers

3 Phoenix tattoo

Back Pheonix Tattoo

14 Phoenix tattoo

16 Phoenix tattoo

Fullback red phoenix

19 Phoenix tattoo

21 Phoenix tattoo

22 Phoenix tattoo

Fighting with Dragon

23 Phoenix tattoo

24 Phoenix tattoo

26 Phoenix tattoo

Japanese Fullback Tattoo with

27 Phoenix tattoo

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

29 Phoenix tattoo

32 Phoenix tattoo

33 Phoenix tattoo

Cassie’s Phoenix

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  1. I’ve been trying to find the stencil for #11 – tribal black and red shoulder tat… Do you know where it can be purchased? Any one?

  2. Some of these tattoos(not the horrible colored ones) are really beautiful…. Too bad that the phoenix….is just a satanic tattoos just like dragons and any tattoos. One day too many will realize the reason why the SACRED Scriptures said to NoT mess up your skin’s body…. You will find out how the blood you incounsciously spread doing tattoos was all offered to satan, even if you think to other reasons or meanings… The phoenix meaning is another example of satan s deceive: Theres NO REBIRTH AT ALL. we live one time and our soul is what remains. Satan like how humans think they will have another life and possibility…but is not possible.all souls return to God or go to purgagory or damned in hell. People dont take seriously thins because satan wants you have a distant thinking of these things..so that you believe is just a fable…..but how many will have a bad surprise after we will die and leave this body…

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