50 Blue Backgrounds

Happy New Year background. White over blue

Blue is one of popular themes for desktop, website, or any other backgrounds. It is the color of the sky or sea on a sunny day, and it is most commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence.

Depending on the context, it can represent different things. A dark blue represents sadness, grey-blue represents depression. In this post, we consolidated the collection of 50 blue backgrounds or wallpapers, which you may find useful in your design. Check out the link under the image to view the source and big size.

Blue Background

Blue Background


Blue Background


Color, Abstract, Wallpaper, Vortex, Background, Wallpapers


Blue Background


Blue Background


Butterfly Background


Blue Background


Binary Numbers Tree Design


Blue Cover Background Vector


Blue Space Background


Background, Stripes, Colors, Blue, Walls

Snowflakes Blue Background

Grid Blue Pattern background Design


Vintage patterns on a blue background


HD Abstract Blue bokeh Background


HD Abstract Blue Background


Blue Galaxy Background


3d Desktop Wallpaper


Water Background


blue smoke cross infinity background wallpaper texture

Droplets on Blue Acrylic

Nice blue pattern


ipad wallpaper: Calm Reflections


Blue Wallpaper


Blue Ball And Leaf Christmas Background Wallpapper


Blue Christmas Background


H2o Water Drops On Blue Background


Bluen Outer space Background

Bright blue stars background


Free Swirly Blue Stars Vector Background

Butterfly Blue Stars Wallpaper


Free vector Happy New year 2014 Snowflake pattern tree on blue glowing background


Blue Star Background


Christian Backgrounds Wallpaper – Father God


Ladder Moon Thieves Figure ipad air wallpaper


Winter trees winter blue background

Love Blue Background


Heart of ice blue background


Love Blue Background HD Wallpaper


Wallpaper Animated Background Architecture Blueprint Walls House Array Wallwuzz Hd Wallpaper

Mac Signs Symbols iPad Air Wallpaper

Blue Apple 3d Logo Nice Wallpaper


Awesome Blue Rain iPad 4 Wallpaper



Snow Globe


blue crystal earth vector


unique classy blue background illustrator vector


Blue Background


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