60 Incredible Leg Tattoos

Dreamcatcher tattoo on leg

People may get overwhelmed with tattoo when starting to get a leg tattoo. Usually, it’s not the first tattoo for one to get a tattoo on the leg as it is normally not as visible for everybody as arm. Leg tattoos are loved by girls and women as they look cool and sexy if they are carefully designed.

To apply tattoo on the leg usually choose the most reasonable people. This place is convenient because if you want you can always hide it wearing jeans or closed footwear. Great value it has, of course, for office workers, where the dress code is important.

Normally, tattoo artists separate a leg on three main tattooing areas: the thigh, leg and foot. All of which are good. Often there are also tattoos that cover your entire leg. Girls usually prefer to tattoo their thighs, while boys prefer to decorate the lower leg.

It’s the same practice as getting a tattoo on other parts of body, find out a tattoo idea with meaning to reflect one’s personality or preference. Most people choose a tattoo of bigger size considering larger area of leg. We also see a small tattoo on the leg, which looks cute and lovely. In this post, I will present the collection of 50 incredible leg tattoos. Hope you find inspiration if you are considering to get a tattoo on the leg. Do Pin It if you like any of them,

white and lace tattoo on leg

Many girls choose lace tattoo to decorate their thighs. This tattoo looks elegant and feminine and can be done either in color or in black and white ink. Often lace complement with the image of a revolver or a pistol.

Koi fish

2 Koi fishes cover full canvas of leg decorated with small flowers. Japanese culture inspired tattoo brings us strong impression of surrealism and appreciation for the gift by the nature.

Rose Tattoo on leg

Skull and flowers leg tattoo

Amazing Rose and mandala leg tattoo

Elephant and mandala leg tattoo

Full leg tattoo

Leg tattoo for man

3D full leg tattoo

Mandala leg tattoo

3D Full leg tattoo

3D leg tattoo

Cool leg tattoo

Cool leg tattoo

Rose leg tattoo

Skull Dragon Leg Tattoo

Leg Tattoo

Leg Tattoo

Women’s hips are also perfect for large tattoo in the traditional American style. Tattoos in color looks the best on this part of a body. The more colorful picture, the better

tattoo design of mic notes tattoo on leg

Tattoos dedicated to music very often decorate the leg. This may be everything starting from a musical notes and ending with the instrument or microphone. These types of tattoos are very popular among men.

Leg Tattoo

The music is Duran leg tattoo

Bow leg tattoo

Bows are as common as lace. Girls prefer to tattoo bows on the back of the thighs or on the side of the leg. Most of the time for creation of a bow tattoo artist will choose bright, almost neon shades.

Color tattoo on leg

Leg Tattoo

Lily Tattoo on leg

Music leg tattoo

Music tattoo with birds leg tattoo

The front of a thigh is ideal for large and detailed tattoos. This is why many tattoo artists are advised to choose realism for a tattoo on the hip. And if girls would rather choose to tattoo beautiful birds, flowers or colorful butterflies, guys will probably prefer compass, cars or wild animals.

Leg Tattoo

The front of the thigh is an amazing zone to have a stylish graphic tattoo (as the vintage elephant on the photo). Typically, these tattoos are chosen by creative and imaginative people. A tattoo like this one represents the individuality of the owner in a unique way.

Final chicano car girl leg

Powerful tattoo made in Chicano style. The founders of this style are considered Latinos that went to live in the United States. Classical Chicano tattoo is created in black and grey ink and depicts beautiful girls, money, cars, weapons and religious symbols.

Lilies stars wine tat

Simple combination of abstract pattern with beautiful flower buds is an excellent choice for a tattoo on a leg. These tattoos can be created in black and gray ink or in color. Best in realism, they can be senseless decoration or a symbol of something dear to the owner, such as love or friendship, depending on chosen flower.

Felix. Splattered leg tattoo

Chinese characters are one of the most popular tattoos in the world. Having won the hearts of many people with its mystery and richness of meaning, now Chinese characters even have their haters. However, with the original approach, you can get a pretty unusual tattoo, as in the photo above.

Freshly Done – Ming’s Girl

Portrait done in realistic trash polka style. This very extravagant and picturesque tattoo style was created by two artists from Germany – Volko Merschky and Simone Plaff. They usually characterized trash polka as a combination of nature and abstract, realism and trash, past, present and future – all in one. With all its complexity and aggressive black and red colors, trash polka slowly becomes one of the favorites among tattoo fans.

Cherry Blossom Tree tattoo on leg

Woman in leaves

The firing woman in green leaves is sending the message of perseverance and unyieldingness.

Leg Tattoo

The second most popular tattoo after the Chinese characters is text tattoo. And back of a leg is ideal location for entire poems (as in the photo above). To make the text tattoo not boring, you can tattoo it with a sheet of paper or flowers, compass, clock, etc., depending on the meaning of text.

Polynesian tattoo on leg

Polynesian designs also look great on the leg. These tattoos often created by freehand technique, meaning tattoo artist draws them without the original sketch using only personal imagination. It makes such a tattoo one of a kind and created specifically for the client’s body. Ornate patterns smoothly flow around the foot, decorating it

Cris Maori Inspired Leg tattoo

Apple Tree Tattoo On Leg

Horror tree skull tattoo

Very contrast tattoo created in black and gray style. Tattoo that goes from foot to the leg is perfect for such sketches with a lot of smooth lines. However, this part of the body needs an enhanced care while healing and because this zone of a leg regenerates fast, tattoo here may require further correction.

Free leg tattoo

Anchor and Rose Tattoo on Leg

Owl and roses on leg

Charming tattoo in the form of an owl created in traditional American style. Recently owls gained enormous popularity among girls, and it is the front of the thigh that became a favorite place for the application of this tattoo. Often owl tattoos complement by image of a compass, clock or colorful flowers.

Bird and flower tattoo on leg

Cherry blossoms and lavender with colorful leg tattoo

Watercolor tattoo. One of the new trends in tattoo art, but loved by many already. Watercolor tattoo style prefers both girls and guys. Often, these tattoos created with a bright shades of pink, blue, yellow, green, etc. As for the sketch, it can be everything from beautiful flowers to romantic flocks of birds and animal portraits.

Colorful skull tattoo on leg

Skull leg tattoo

Skull and rose leg tattoo

Skull paired with roses which was rendered in traditional tattoo style expresses the meaning of emotional love.

Dynamictattoo Notes leg tattoo

A fantastic tattoo design creates dynamic view for audience. It looks like music notes, flower or a Saxophone on the leg.

Flower tattoo on leg

Butterfly leg tattoo

Beautiful illustration leg tattoo

Traditional ship on leg

Colorful feather tattoos on leg

Realistic cat tattoo on leg

Heart + Key leg tattoo

Watercolour tattoos on leg

Watercolour tattoos on leg

Watercolour tattoos on leg

Leg Tattoo

Leg Tattoo

dream catcher tattoo

dream catcher tattoo

The dreamcatcher, a signage which comes from native American, is overwhelmingly loved by girls as it’s cute and meaningful.



colorful thigh tattoo

full leg tattoo for women

full leg tattoo for women

Detailed colorful tattoo design from hip to foot.


  1. #47 is NOT a tattoo. If you look at her legs, the colour changes on the other side of the stocking top, for yes, lo and behold, these are nothing more than stay-up stockings with a tattoo design up the side. They come in a variety of designs and colours. but permanent, they aren’t and they will run. As for #48, poor girl’s going to be stuck with a really bad tat forever. They did her left stocking all saggy and bunched up behind the knee. ewww. so sad

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