55 Peaceful Dove Tattoos


Dove is a bird, usually white in color, often associated with love and peace, harmony and tranquility. The dove is also the Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was baptized by John, according to bible, the Holy Spirit manifested flying above him like a dove. So dove tattoo is taken as one of religious tattoos. People get dove tattoos often for its symbolic meanings – love, hope and faith.

We can see dove tattoos often integrated with other symbols, cross, flowers and heart, to represent their symbolic meanings, or lonely flying dove, which is cute and innocent, calling for peace. As a spiritual tattoo, dove tattoo is practiced by both men and women.

In terms of placement, dove tattoo is often inked on arms, wrist, foot, neck for its small size. It can also be inked on back and side, etc. For its white in color, dove tattoo is a good tattoo idea for white ink tattoos. Here is a collection of 55+ peaceful dove tattoos. Let us know which one you like the most.

realistic dove tattoos


Dove with Granddad hand writing custom tattoo

Dove tattoos for women


Amazing dove tattoos on back


Dove tattoos


Dove tattoos


Dove sleeve tattoos for women


Love and dove tattoo


Dove tattoo representing ‘helping hands’


Watercolor dove tattoos on foot


Dove tattoos on wrist for girl


Dove tattoos for girl


Dove tattoos behind the ear


Dove tattoos on side for women

Dove & Hands


Dove with dagger


Dove tattoos


Dove tattoos on side


Dove and letter G


Dove in white and gold


Doves and Baby Angel


Dove and Heart

Depicted in the style of traditional tattoo, this tattoo features a dove and red heart symbol to commemorate mother of the wearer.

Dove tattoos on wrist


love & peace


Dove and rose tattoos


Dove and cross tattoos on half sleeve


Hand Tattoos Dove and Script


Black and Gray Dove Tattoo


3D dove tattoos for men


Dove Tattoo Designs For Girls


White ink dove tattoo


Dove and flower tattoos


Stairs to heaven, scroll hands and dove custom tattoo


Watercolor dove tattoos


realistic hands and dove


Dove sleeve tattoos


Dove tattoos on neck


Dove tattoos on back for women

Dove tattoos on back


Dove tattoos for girls


Dove tattoos on neck


Letter dove tattoos


Dove tattoos on back


3D dove tattoos


Dove and cross tattoos


Dove with Boxing Gloves


Awesome Dove Tattoo


Hand and dove tattoos


Dove tattoos


Amazing dove tattoos


Dove tattoos on arm


Dove tattoos on forearm

Hope and dove tattoo

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