50 Rib Tattoos for Girls

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Tattoo is often a masculine form of art gained its popularity among men. It could be feminine and a perfect way self expression for women if the design and the placement is done properly. Girls who admire their bodies and beauty of the amazing art opt to get their first tattoo on less visible area of the body. Rib or rib cage is one of such good locations for its larger area and flexibility of invisibility.

It’s always a process of testing one’s courage to go through the traditional tattooing process for indigenous Polynesian people. By using needles and electric tattoo machine, it has been a lot precise and lessened the pain when puncturing the skin. The rib cage of human being, also known as the thoracic cage, consists of of 24 ribs. It’s a larger canvas for tattoo artist but the skin here is relatively thin compared with other parts of the body. Rib is one of most painful areas on the body to get tattoo although the pain varies person to person. If you get a tattoo on rib, the tattoo is invisible to yourself, not like a tattoo on back. For its larger area, there are plenty of choices to think about a meaningful tattoo on your ribs.

For girls, the tattoos are always rendered in feminine style. Tattoos of all flowers, feather, tree, dreamcatcher, quotes, etc., are good tattoo ideas on rib. In this post, I will show you 50 excellent rib tattoos for girls. Let’s go through their meanings one by one.

tribal rib tattoo for girls

Tribal tattoo has gone beyond its traditional meaning. Feminine, cute and wildly beautiful is the theme of the piece.

dreamcatcher rib tattoo

Best wishes to the wearer – Good dreams go through the hole in the web and bad dreams trapped in the web.

script rib tattoos for girl

Tattoo is always personal. The special letters inside the tattoo – ‘RRLCM’ is probably only understood by the wearer herself. I’m interested in the pattern surrounding the text, which seems influenced by tribal pattern.

single lily flower tattoos for girls

White lilies symbolize modesty and virginity. Red lilies portray love, ardor, and affection for loved ones. Orange lilies stand for happiness, passion, and warmth.

Rose side tattoo

Skull with mandala side tattoo

Flower side tattoo

Peacock rib Tattoo

Peacock tattoo connects with values such as honor and pride, truth and nobility. And the design is extremely sexy and colorful for women.

tribal flower tattoo on rib

The black roses embellished by tribal inspired lines, truly feminine style, beautiful.

rib back rose tattoos for girls

Black is the color of sadness and farewell. Black rose symbolizes death and passing away. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory.

rib cloud tattoo for women

10 watercolor hummingbird and flower rib tattoo for girls

11 cheetah print rib tattoos for girls

12 realistic cherry blossom rib tattoo for women

13 watercolor rib tattoo for girls

14 Love birds tattoos for girls

15 take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves

16 Love is sustained by action a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day

17 happiness depends upon wishes

18 For by grace you have been saved through faith

19 dragonfly rib tattoo

20 small anchor rib tattoo for girls

21 tip toe through the tulips rib tattoo

22 Magnolia rib tattoo for girls

23 watercolor rabbit rib tattoo

24 feather rib tattoo for girl

25 black feather rib tattoo

26 lotus rib tattoo

27 Ribbon rib tattoo

28 cherry rib tattoo

29 cherry blossom tattoo on ribs

30 lily rib tattoo for girls

31 butterflies swirls rib tattoo

32 Rose rib tattoo for girls

33 rib tree tattoo for girls

34 dreamcatcher rib tattoo for girls

35 stars rib tattoos for girls

36 rib tattoo for girls

37 dreamcatcher rib tattoo

38 feather birds rib tattoo for girls

39 Swallow rib tattoo

40 to infinity and beyond tattoo on rib

41 Keys dove rib tattoo for girls

42 But love Ive come to understand is more than three words mumbled before bedtime Love is sustained by action a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day

43 sunflower rib tattoo for girls

44 tribal rib tattoo for women

45 Flower Rib Tattoos for girls

46 flower music notes rib tattoo for girls

47 Skull and Roses Ribcage tattoo

48 Rib Cage Tattoos for Girls

49 in love anf death rib tattoo

50 cross rib tattoo for girls

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