10 Webites for Learning How to Draw

1. Dueys Drawings

Offers several series of free step-by-step drawing lessons, divided into Beginner and Advanced categories.

Human being is the most wonderful creation of nature, but when it comes to creativity within a man, things tend to get more complicated. Some people are just talented to either sing, dance, act or draw, but for others these activities, no matter how appealing, can prove to be a bit tricky. As my piano teacher once told me, talent is only 30% of your skill, everything else is practice – we can feel free to apply this statement to visual arts as well and hope that with enough practice and a good tutorial – drawing can be mastered within a reasonable amount of time.

We are a lucky generation, with a constant access to the Internet and its endless treasures, where excellent websites that teach drawing can be found. Whether one wants to perfect their drawing skills because of their career, of just feels attracted to drawing as a hobby, these sites can help master this artistic skills, leading the user from the very basics onto the more and more elaborate tasks.

What is a good thing, is that a lot of these websites approach drawing as if one was following a Photoshop tutorial, making the essentials understandable and easy. One of the 10 Drawing Websites, listed in no particular order, will surely help, and if not – it’s always possible to take real-life drawing lessons! Good luck and remember – drawing is supposed to be – first and foremost – fun!

2. DragoArt

Perfect for cartoon and Anime lovers! This website offers a long list of categories with hundreds of very concrete tutorials teaching users how to draw typical characters, body parts, cartoons etc.

3. Learn to Draw

Here you can learn how to draw from a professional artist, from the very essentials, to more complicated stuff, like caricature. The focus is on human face and figure.

4. Learn How to Draw

Free and very detailed lessons on drawing, given by a drawing and sketching expert. You can learn how to master drawing in a number of categories, covering sketching, people, animals and how to draw in pen and ink.

5. Art Graphica

A website offering more than 100 free art lessons, where you can learn how to correctly use a number of media, such as graphite, oils, and watercolor through to charcoal, acrylics and ink. There are drawing lessons for beginners and more advanced freehand drawing tutorials.

6. The Drawing Website

If you find normal lessons boring, this website may be for you! The Draw-Fu skill is something anyone with the will can learn, while browsing through pages and two drawing levels of this page.

7. How To Draw It

Breaking it down to ABCs, this website explains everything about basic drawing skills, offering categories such as “drawing people” and “animals”, and everything in alphabetical order, too.

8. 50 Clever Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing

This is more of a guide than a website, but you can find a very, very wide selection of drawing tutorials, from celebrity portraits, to cars and cartoons.

9. Drawspace

Practical and nicely broken down into most important categories, such as Get Started, Contours, Shading, Technical, Figures and Open, Drawspace offers series of lessons by various drawing teachers. It could be a good idea for those who prefer variety or get easily bored.

10. Drawing Coach

A great collection of step-by-step drawing lessons, including drawing of people, animals, flowers and everything else that’s usually giving headaches to those who can’t hold a pen.

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