35 Emotional Eye Pictures

2 Eye Manip

Eye Manip

Eyes are the windows of the soul. They are our first and foremost sense, our prime channel of understanding the world. Eyes guide us through our lives, having a role so important and complex, it elevates them above everything else. Eyes are crucial in perceiving art.

In absorbing the visual information of our environment, eyes are the key. But what about the outer aspect of the eyes, what about the way eyes themselves look. Mother nature has been fair to mankind, making their visual organs most beautiful of all. We often fall in love only because of the way we look at each other, or the way we communicate with our sight. The importance of gaze, either male or female, is the subject of numerous philosophical studies, as the carrier of the deep and significant intangible information.

The truth is, what a lot of the people notice first in a conversation are the eyes. We see the happiness or pain, skyes or rain in the optical organs of people we converse with. Through it we connect, and get encouraged. For artists, visual, musical or any, eyes are the source of supreme inspiration in making eye pictures, where the humanity is left with plethora of amazing artwork dedicated to our baby blues.

In visual arts eyes have been a favorite subject of many artists pervading all possible media. Eye pictures, drawings, paintings or photography frequently focus on eyes exactly, depicting them creatively. The best ones capture the emotional value of the soul portals the best, whether the painted eyes are happy, sad, surprised or piercing. All of the human emotions can be presented in millions of ways, rendered beautifully, offering the possibilities of rich chromatism, alluring light impressions, attached to the rest of the face, or isolated and emphasized alone.

Looking at our selection of images, remember that beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Eye pictures may even entice you enough to pursue your artistic side, and if not – just be sure to notice the eyes first, next time you encounter somebody.

4 Eye Phtotography

Eye Phtotography

12 Tear


23 Eye Picture

1 Eye Paintings

Eye Paintings

3 Ice Eye

Ice Eye

5 In The Eye Of The Begotten

In The Eye Of The Begotten

6 profili


7 Eye Picture

Eye Picture

8 Mermaid Eye

Mermaid Eye

9 Take a look thru my eyes

Take a look thru my eyes

10 Glitter


11 Identity

13 Anne Hathaway Detail

Anne Hathaway Detail

14 Eye Photo

15 Eye


16 Eye Picture

17 Tears


18 Eye Picture

19 Eye Picture

20 Eye Beauty

Eye Beauty

21 Eye Picture

22 Eye Picture

24 I can only hope. ...

I can only hope. …

25 Armageddons Eye by Poerti

Armageddons Eye

26 The eye Augusto Serna

The eye

27 Eye Dont Cry

Eye Don’t Cry

28 tears in eye

tears in eye by Dorothea Boonstra

29 eye tattoo

eye tattoo

30 Story in eye Isaiah Stephens

Story in eye Isaiah Stephens

31 silent tears.. by Deeevilish

silent tears.. by *Deeevilish

32 Harmony


33 eye

34 Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

35 sad eyes with tears

sad eyes with tears

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