30+ Incredible Lip Tattoos

6 Lip Tattoo

Lips are important body part for facial expressions, a focal point when speaking. With celebrities like
Miley Cyrus posted her latest ink – an emoji of a sad kitty on the inside of her lower lip, it has now become an impressive location for tattoos. Although it is not as popular as other body parts, lip tattoos add expressive impact to expressions or emotions.

Lip Tattoos are those inked in the inner lip or kiss lip tattooed on other parts of the body. Tattoos are done on the lower lip or on the upper lip easily hide and could be visible anytime as you wish. Because of its small area, lips tattoos are mostly small designs such as inspirational words or symbols.

Does lip tattoo hurt the most? In fact, people with lip tattoos reflect it doesn’t. It hurts with the same intensity as other tattoos. But one thing you should be aware of- lip tattoos are apt to fade in a short time. Special treatment is needed to extend its life.

If you are looking for inspirations to get a lip tattoo, here is a collection of the best lip tattoos you can take reference.

1 Lip Tattoo

2 Lip Tattoo


Lip ink 33

Lip ink

Lip thigh tattoo 34

Lip thigh tattoo

3 Lip Tattoo

4 Lip Tattoo

5 Lip Tattoo

7 Lip Tattoo

8 Lip Tattoo

9 Lip Tattoo

10 Lip Tattoo

11 Lip Tattoo

12 music notes tattoos on lip

13 Cool Skater Lip Tattoo Ideas For Men

14 Lip Tattoo

15 Lip Tattoo

16 Star Struck

17 Lip Tattoo

18 Lip Tattoo

19 Lip Tattoo

20 Lip Tattoo

21 Lip Tattoo

22 Lip Tattoo

23 Lip Tattoo

24 Lip Tattoo

25 Lip Tattoo

26 Lip Tattoo

27 Lip Tattoo

28 Lip Tattoo

29 Lip Tattoo

30 Lip Tattoo

31 Lip Tattoo

32 Lip Tattoo

33 Lip Tattoo


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