50+ Examples of Colorful Tattoos

colorful flowers and birds tattoo 4 600x857

Tattoo is considered as an expressive and artistic statement for modern people. After you have decided to ink the tattoo with meaning, the next consideration would be deciding with your artist which kind of style the tattoo should be, colorful tattoo or black and grey.

Color tattoos are vibrant, bright, and make it possible to maximize the creativity for visual representation. By using the right color, it will create the right level of contrast with your skin tone. Other other hand, color tattoos are more sensitive to sun light and they tend to fade more quickly than black and grey tattoos. Before deciding to adopt the color style, think about how much time you spend in the sun.

When you do a tattooing, coloring tattoo is a step after shading. Inks are generally added to a tattoo in order from darkest to lightest. In some cases, artists use black-and-gray initially to provide a foundation for the subsequent shading using colors. The colored ink can be added directly above the black-and-gray portions of the tattoo.

In fact, color tattoos are quite popular. No matter new school, old school or traditional styles, colored tattoos are perfected applied for such styles. If you are looking for inspirations on color tattoos, here is the collection of 50+ best examples.

Watercolor Portrait 6 600x875

Abstract colorful tattoo 7 600x706

Colorfull Skull and Flower Tattoo 11 600x472

Colorfull Skull and Flower Tattoo

colorful flower lag tattoo 1 600x600

Colorful Tattoo 14 600x747

Colorful Tattoo

Mermaid Colorful Tattoo 12 600x569

Mermaid Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Skull Tattoo 13 600x901

Colorful Skull Tattoo

3D Portrait and Rose Colorful Tattoo 2 600x601

Realistic colorful tattoo 3 600x1317

Watercolor Portrait 5 600x900

Colorful Lily Tattoo 20 600x806

Colorful Lily Tattoo

Colorful Sleeve Tattoo 8 600x800

Colorful Full Sleeve Tattoo 9 600x741

Hummingbirds and Lily Colorful Tattoo 10 600x728

Colorful Fox Tattoo 15 600x534

Colorful Fox Tattoo

Colorful Watercolor Tattoo 16 600x600

Colorful Watercolor Tattoo

Realistic Portrait 17 600x600

Realistic Portrait 18 600x600

Colorful Tattoo on Back 19 600x612

Colorful Tattoo on Back

Colorful Lotus Tattoo 21 600x600

Bird and Flower Tattoo on Sleeve 22 600x600

Color Tattoo on Back 23 600x740

Watercolor Tattoo 24 600x830

Watercolor Tattoo

Lily Color Tattoo 25 600x524

Colorful Tattoo 26 600x900

Colorful Tattoo 27 600x1121

3D Rose Color Tattoo 28 600x600

3D Rose Color Tattoo

Tiger Colorful Tattoo 29 600x900

Tiger Colorful Tattoo

Amazing Colorful Tattoo 30 600x900

Amazing Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Tattoo on Back31 600x900

Colorful Tattoo on Back

Color Tattoo 32 600x600

Color Tattoo

Amazing Colorful Tattoo 33 600x832

Amazing Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Leaf Tattoo on Back 34 600x858

Color Tattoo 35 600x400

Color Tattoo

Color Tattoo on Sleeve 36 600x900

Color Tattoo on Sleeve

Colorful Flower Tattoo on Side 37 600x800

Amazing Color Tattoo 38 600x868

Amazing Color Tattoo on Side 39 600x1091

Watercolor Tattoo on Back 40 600x443

Watercolor Tattoo on Back-

Bird and Flower Tattoo 41 600x928

Butterfly Color Tattoo on Back42 600x815

Bird and Flower Tattoo 43 600x878

Colorful Butterfly 44 600x847

Colorful Magnolia Tattoo 45 600x845

Colorful Japanese Tattoo 46 600x645

Colorful Space Tattoo 47 600x1195

Colorful Leaf Tattoo 48 600x780

Colorful Leaf Tattoo

Colorful Tattoo 49 600x600

Colorful Tattoo

Colorful Deer Tattoo 50 600x848

Colorful Deer Tattoo

chrysanthemum tattoo for women 51 600x854

Miyazaki creatives tattoo

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Colourful tattoos are quite popular among the young generation. They look great and visually appealing. The examples mentioned in this post are really good.

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