Street Art by Stinkfish

STINKFISH is an amazing street artist based in Bogota, Colombia, whose works are featured with a multitude of beautiful colours and patterns.

stinkfish 7 600x461


Iztapalapa México City México october 2014 600x462

Moscow Russia september 2014 600x441

Nagdhunga Pokhara Nepal agosto 2013 600x437

Bogotá Colombia feb 2014 600x610

stinkfish 6 600x452

stinkfish 5 600x456

stinkfish 2 600x463

stinkfish hox miami usa 2014 600x488

stinkfish 3 600x400

Mission District San Francisco U.S. Feb. 2015 600x432

Buenaventura Rio Hato Panamá enero 2015 600x470

Ciudad de Panamá Panamá enero 2015 600x427

Bogotá Colombia dec 2014 600x474

Buenos Aires Argentina octubre 2014 600x457

Djerba golfo de Gabés Túnez agosto 20141 600x430

Djerba golfo de Gabés Túnez agosto 2014 600x443

Bogotá Colombia julio 2014 600x353

Bogotá Colombia julio july 2014 600x410

Conversaciones de trabajo Work conversations 600x450

Djerba golfo de Gabés Túnez agosto 20142 600x439

Hauptbahnhof Vienna Austria marzo 2014 600x450

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