60 Inspirational Buddha Tattoo Ideas

Realistic buddha tattoo

Buddha and Lotus tattoo can symbolize purity. Apart from the message, the 3D effect makes your Buddha look realistic; a perfect design to wear on your sleeves.

Buddhism is one of the most common and most colorful religions there is in the present world. Within this religions are a variety of traditions and beliefs that followers of Gautama Buddha believe in. But apart from being a religion and a philosophy, Buddhism and Buddha have become one of the most popular subjects in tattoos. We can clearly see the reason why. Buddha tattoos often emanates a sense of peace and serenity. Apart from that, Buddha tattoos are clearly a fantastic choice among religious tattoos.

When you look at Buddha tattoos, you’d often find yourself intrigued by what it means. What is behind this tattoo? Why have someone chosen Buddha among the other deities? The meaning behind these Buddha tattoos can be inspiring and can also be a symbol of who you are as a person. Whether you practice Buddhism or you merely relate to the message it portrays, having Buddha as your tattoo should not be an issue.

If you’re not that much on hidden messages and symbolism and you simply base your tattoos on how it looks, Buddha tattoos are definitely still on the list. There’s this simplicity in how these tattoos look yet on careful look, such details that when skillfully inked on your skin would definitely look wonderful.

The design of your Buddha tattoo would play a great role on how your tattoo would look like when it’s finished. Realistic looking Buddha tattoos are really wonderful to look it. 3D tattoos looks like your tattoo could come alive anytime. Then there’s this mysterious beauty when it comes to surrealistic designs. Even abstract and watercolor styles for Buddha tattoos could give it a different appearance. There’s a lot of colors that could be used on your tattoo which makes it attractive to the eyes. On the other hand, simpler designs are calming to look at.

Buddha and tiger full sleeve tattoo for man-9

This is a realistic Buddha tattoo with a lotus, for purity, and tiger which can be a symbol of powerful or passionate persona.

3D Buddha and louts tattoo-16

This hyper realistic Buddha portrait could portray enlightenment or awakening which are usually the main symbolisms of Buddha. The lotus flower is a great addition as it means purity. Both could mean that you are awakened and have become pure.

Buddha forearm tattoo

Buddha full sleeve tattoo

Buddha leg tattoo

Buddha with butterfly leg tattoo

Buddha with louts tattoo

Watercolor buddha sleeve tattoo

Watercolor buddha sleeve tattoo

3D buddha full sleeve tattoo

3D buddha tattoo

3D buddha with louts half sleeve tattoo

Buddha and elephant sleeve tattoo

Buddha and louts tattoo

Buddha and mandala tattoo

Buddha and mandala tattoo

Buddha sleeve tattoo-8

This realistic black and white tattoo design is both calming to the eyes and could be an inspiration to reach enlightenment and awakening or to simply find out the meaning of life.

buddha tattoo by Gene Coffey

This surreal Buddha tattoo is an excellent choice for people who wants colorful and yet calming design. It’s soothing to the eyes since there are no harsh lights and the colors make it look like a hazy dream.

Buddha and flower tattoo

Buddha and lotus tattoo

Buddha back tattoo

Buddha forearm tattoo

Buddha thigh tattoo

Buddha watercolor style sleeve tattoo

This abstract Buddha design is perfect for artists or to show your artistic side. Since it’s Buddha, you can say that it’s an awakening of your artistic side.

Buddha tattoo for man-7

If you want less decorations and more on realistic tattoo designs, then this one is right for you. It looks exactly like those Buddha status you see on Buddhist temples.

3D buddha and louts half sleeve tattoo

To inspire you to be enlightened and pure, this wonderful Buddha and lotus tattoo could help you. It’s bold colors make it pop and look more alive.

3D buddha portrait sleeve tattoo

3D tattoo designs are definitely on the spotlight these days. This beautiful 3D Buddha design is perfect to show off to people.


This artistic Abstract Buddha tattoo clashes old religious beliefs and philosophy and a touch of modern times. It’s a new way to depict the famous Buddha.

Buddha  full sleeve  tattoo -11

This full sleeve tattoo of Buddha is enchanting with the details and careful strokes of curves. The highlights and shadows make a 3D effect and a show of being enlightened.

buddha  half tattoo-31

This design is perfect for women since it’s simple and smaller compared to previous designs. There’s also smoothness in the lines and even how the lotuses were inked.

Buddha  Tattoo on leg-4

This realistic 3D smiling Buddha design may look simple but could take a skilled tattoo artist to perfect. It almost looks like it’s been airbrushed permanently on your skin.

Buddha and cherry blossoms legs tattoo

Cherry blossoms are commonly associated with the fragility and beauty of life. Combining it with a Buddha design could offer a wonderful message to inspire you or whoever’s looking at it.

Buddha and cherry blossoms

Here’s another alternative to the Buddha and Cherry blossom combination. This one can be inked on your arms.

Buddha and dragon sleeve Tattoo

This magnificently tattooed design shows Buddha and an Eastern dragon which signifies good fortune, fertility and protector of life.

Buddha and fish japanese full sleeve tattoo

Have this Buddha and Japanese fish and bamboos tattooed on your sleeve and have a touch of the East. Plus the details in this design simply makes a wonderful work of art.

Buddha and horse  tattoo for man-10

May this Buddha and horse tattoo guide and inspire you to reach enlightenment with the strength horse tattoos usually signify.

Buddha and louts half sleeve tattoo

This beautiful Buddha and lotus half sleeve tattoo is mild and gentle to the eyes. It’s serene and this is why it could be a great design for women.

Buddha and louts japanese full tattoo

This tattoo design shouts intricacy. It’s another perfect alternative design to Buddha and lotus tattoos that you are looking for.

Buddha and louts japanese half sleeve tattoo

Here’s another contender to the Buddha and lotus tattoo that you can choose from. This one is more suitable for half sleeves.

Buddha and louts japanese tattoo-6

If you want a Buddha and lotus tattoo for your full arm length, you can go with this option. It’s subtle and smoothly made so it’s also perfect for women.

Buddha and louts sleeve tattoo

For men, this is one design they can decide on for a full sleeve tattoo. The little touches of pink can make a black and white tattoo appear smoother.

Buddha and louts Tattoo-1

This side tattoo is another perfect choice for women. It’s style is more like an oil pastel painting on paper. The blend of the colors makes a perfect 3D effect.

Buddha and louts Tattoo-2

The hand of Buddha holding a lotus flower is a different one yet another alternative to Buddha and lotus designs. It’s not of the norm compared to the other designs so you may want to get this design. It’s a side tattoo so you can decide on how big it would be.

Buddha and mandela tattoo-15

Mandala tattoos are also associated with Buddhism so this is a great combination if you practice the religion. The geometric design of Mandala tattoos could go with the simple and smooth features of Buddha’s face. Nonetheless, it would be better to have the Mandala tattoo on a flat surface to show off it’s amazing structure.

Buddha and Maple Leaves Tattoo-5

This tattoo could literally look relaxing and that could be because maple leaves are generally associated with relaxation and reservation. The red color of the maple goes with the black and white details of Buddha’s face.

Buddha and rose Tattoo-3

If you think lotus is so common with Buddha tattoos, then how about switching to rose tattoos? Rose symbolizes love and passion even in tattoos. Combining it with Buddhism could show how you are passionate with the practice or with the thought of enlightenment.

Buddha back tattoo

Want a realistic Buddha tattoo on your back? Well then this design is absolutely for you. It’s in 3D so it would appear much more alive and ready to guide you to enlightenment.

buddha back tattoo-23

This one is a back tattoo design with Budhha and lotus flower. It could both be for men and women.

Buddha forearm tattoo

Smooth and delicate yet powerful. This could exactly be what this Buddha tattoo defines. The details on the features of Buddha makes it an interesting and beautiful piece of art that’s worthy to be inked in your forearm.

Buddha full back tattoo

Here’s what a full back tattoo would look like. And this one has Buddha as the subject. The smooth lines and blending of the shadows however still makes it smooth and clear even when it covers your entire back.

Buddha Hand & Lotus Flower By Joey Pang

This one is another choice for the hand of Buddha with a Lotus flower. It’s much more simpler than the other one yet there are still the delicate features.

Buddha japanese  tattoo

Get this surreal Buddha design for a full sleeve of masterpiece. The little delicate details such as the cracks and fragments makes the whole tattoo appear delicate and beautiful.

Buddha poratrait  sleeve tattoo-19

Here’s a hyper realistic Buddha portrait tattoo. Just like a photograph printed on your arm.

Buddha portrait   and louts sleeve tattoo 14

A popping Buddha portrait and a lotus sleeve could offer much more meaning and color in your life with a quote either from Buddhism or a quote that you’ve lived with.

Buddha portrait   and louts tattoo-13

Another great hyper realistic Buddha portrait design with amazing details on cracks. It could denote how you have lived through scars to reach a new awakening and purity in life but you remain unfazed.

Buddha portrait   tattoo-12

This one is rather darker than most of the designs above which is probably because of the red highlights and the deeper shadows. Nonetheless, this is still another great contender to be tattooed on you.

Buddha portrait and louts japanese tattoo

If you’re planning on getting a full sleeve tattoo, this one is a good choice. No skin is left behind but it still looks clean and smooth.

Buddha portrait full back tatoo

Another full back tattoo with a Buddha portrait. This has more femininity and purity so it could be great for women looking for an inspiring back tattoo.

Buddha sleeve tattoo

Lastly, here’s another Buddha sleeve tattoo with a variety of Buddhist symbols and adornments.

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