35 Whale Tattoo Ideas

People have different attitudes when it comes to tattooing. Some approve it, some consider unnecessary to draw on the body. As with everything else, this is also a matter of taste, and for tattoo lovers in our gallery we present tattoos of the whale.

Whale is the biggest mammal on our planet. About ninety types of whales exist. It is a symbol of resurrection, communication, longevity. Namely, according to the legends of the ancient peoples, this animal first walked on the ground. After that whale sank to the bottom of the ocean and brought all the knowledge that had with him. This mammal is considered as a guardian of knowledge. Whale also appears in the Old Testament as an animal that consumes unhappy people, as God’s ally and symbol of God’s retribution. From the Old Testament, you know the story of Jona, who, after three days in the stomach, repented. After that God was merciful and the whale spit Jona. Because of this story, the whale is associated with re-born.

In the west, the whale was an inspiration to many writers for great literary works and is regarded as a symbol of the unknown. According to the Australian Aborigines, the whales arrived on the ground from the Milky Way. When people die, whales return their souls to Star Severnaya. Regardless of the fact that the whale is a food source of people from Australia to North America, that didn’t diminished its spiritual meaning. Whale is a support for human survival.

The most famous whale in the world is certainly Moby Dick. This character is from novel by Herman Melville, a 19th-century American writer. In this book, a big white whale causes Captain Ahab to confront the limits of his own mind.

For tribal lovers, a tattoo of whales in a tribal style will be very interesting. These tattoos are mostly made in black or in combination with red. Like any other symbol and whale, can be combined with different styling styles. Whale is not a frequent choice for tattooing so that those who decide to tattoo this animal on their skin are well informed about its meaning.

Whale binds to unknown ocean depths and relates to the beauty of marine life. What is interesting about the whales is that they sing, they do not have loud wires, but the sound is created by the discharge of air through the nasal cavities. The song can last from 10 to 20 minutes, and males can sing for 24 hours. These artificial objects were discovered in 1950. during eavesdropping Russian submarines. Because of their song, whales often can symbolize those who are individuals, who do not mind loneliness and who so much prefer time.

This tattoo on you will certainly not be unnoticed. The big animal is a symbol of the great ideas of man. The great surface of this tattoo symbolizes spiritual beliefs and principles of great dimensions. We want you to enjoy the gallery and find inspiration for some new artwork on your body.

whale tattoo 11

Regardless of the size of the image, the main symbol will not remain unnoticed.


whale tattoo 33

Whale was always a symbol of the unknown that descended from the Milky Way and then dived into the unseen depths of the ocean.


whale thigh tattoo 24

This mammal points to the distinct individuality of the person who carries its image, the great depths of mind and soul…


whale tattoo 13

Blue and pink color is a common combination when it comes to tattooing in the gentle gender.


whale tattoo 20

This picture also illustrates the physical size of this interesting being in comparattion with human.


whale tattoo 22

In cartoons, the whale usually looks like this. However, this does not make the tattoo itself comical and does not diminish its significance.


whale tattoo 23

A very faithful display of this ancient ocean depths. Black tattoos are always modern.


whale tattoo 25

Images with rough lines that resemble a drawing are very popular today.


whale tattoo 26

According to the Aboriginal legend, the whale leads souls back to the star Danica.


whale tattoo 27

This shade of blue in combination with a predominantly black whale gives the whole picture mysticism.


whale tattoo 28

Small but very effective tattoo on the inside of a woman’s hand.


whale tattoo 29

Although this is not part of the body that comes first in the eye, it will surely be ww


whale tattoo 30

A tattoo above the elbow on the outside of the hand is the most common choice of people around the world.


whale tattoo 31

Hindu tattoo with whale’s domination looks very challenging, mystical and seductive.

whale tattoo 32

Seductive black little tattoo behind ear. Except interesting meaning, very sexy.


whale tattoo 34

Although is small, this tattoo have effective message.


whale tattoo 35

A lot of tattoo styles exist like free hand, lettering, oriental, hindu, tribal, fine line, realistic, sctracher, haida, old school … These are just some of them.


whale neck tattoo 21

Black and red are somehow an eternal combination in fashion, and very common with tattoo lovers.

whale tattoo 1

Thighs are one of the favorite places for tattooing among ladies. Mostly that are big tattoos, on the front or outside of the thigh.


whale tattoo 2

A realistic view of whales with feminine gentle colors and details like flowers.


whale tattoo 3

Another very realistic picture of a whale in his natural habitat. The wearer of this tattoo is certainly a great fan of the open sea and ocean depths.


whale tattoo 4

Back are one of the best places for tattooing. Small tattoo as this on the photo can be very seductive on some lady.

whale tattoo 5

When making a decision on which part of the body you will do a tattoo, take into account the job you are dealing with and how much pain you can endure.

whale tattoo 6

For this tattoo it is hard to see the main detail for the first time – whale.


whale tattoo 7

This inner joint is an increasingly popular and favored part of the body for doing a tattoo.


whale tattoo 8

The blue whale is the largest animal on earth. The largest blue kit was a female of 30.5 meters long and 144 tons heavy.


whale tattoo 9

The whale’s newborn is about 7.5 meters long and hard about 7.3 tonnes. It consumes 225 liters of mother’s milk daily and 3.5 kg per hour gains weight.

whale tattoo 10

Whale tattoo combined with space. An interesting combination that will rarely leave you indifferent.


whale tattoo 12

A very specific tattoo without excessive detail. Many people like it the most.


whale tattoo 14

Tattoos today are very small works of art on our body thanks to the skillful hands of the tattoo masters.

whale tattoo 15

Tattoo will follow you for a lifetime. It’s nice to have a meaning, even though you’re not obliged to explain it to anyone.


whale tattoo 16

The most famous tattoo artist in history is Scott Sadlerlend Mc Donald. He tattooed Winston Churchill’s mother, Wihelm Kayzer, emperor Nikola II.


whale tattoo 17

Camouflage colors make this tattoo ”dangerous” and therefore interesting.

whale tattoo 18

Sea waves, lighthouse, whale… Every lover of the ocean should want this tattoo.


whale tattoo 19

This tattoo with sharp edges in black color will be nice to each man’s hand.


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