35 Cute Paw Print Tattoos for Your Inspiration

The beauty of tattoos comes from in many forms. Artistic representations draw attentions and seem irreducible in the domain of visual beauty. However, the beauty of aesthetic tattoos also lies in the variety of objects which could be the metaphors for tattoos, such as paw print tattoos.

Paw print is a glimpse of imprint left by canine or feline animals, but it could be unforgettable moment with beloved pets.

Dogs and cats are our best friends as they are just affectionate as humans. Despite short length of life on earth, people enjoy happiness with them. So there’s nothing more precious than having a dog tattoo or paw print tattoo to preserve the memorable moment.

The meaning of paw print tattoos

Paw prints or foot prints of animals in the sand or mud are clues for hunters to be able to track their traces, which imply difficulties forward.

Whenever encountering frustration or problems, we need to coordinate with teammates to overcome step by step. Search engine giant Baidu uses a bear paw print as its logo for the same reason. Hunters tracing paw print very resembles its search technology.

Paw print Tattoo ideas

If you share the same love and wonder what paw print tattoos look like, here is a collection of pictures for your inspiration. Let’s hear which one you like the most.

Paw Print tattoo with dates, name and infinity symbol

Paw Print with dates, name

Dark black design with swirling infinity symbol underneath, which represents eternal memory in the heart of the wearer.

Paw Print Portrait

Paw Print Portrait

Two eyes of the dog are seamlessly portrayed and mixed with the two middle toes of the paw print. And the heal pad is perfectly shaped to strengthen the focus.

Love heart in the Paw Print

It’s nothing more straightforward like this tattoo to express one’s affection. As many of other designs, the love shaped heart symbol always evokes the feeling of one’s true love. The name of the pet is the signage that this tatto is personal to the wearer.

Galaxy Paw Print Tattoo

Galaxy Paw Print Tattoo


Watercolor Paw Print

The colorful paw print tattoo on the forearm with its heal pad as heart shape is representing the unconditional love brought by beloved pets.

Paw Print within heart shape with script

Double Paw Prints in Watercolor at calf

Tiny Paw Print foot tattoo

Two Paw Prints in heart shape dotwork tattoo on wrist

Two Paw Prints in heart shape – dotwork design

White paw print tattoo design on wrist

White ink tattoo design

My Life track

Sometimes, the paw print must not used to represent pets but one’s own life track. For example, this one is made up of multiple paw prints which form the shape of love. In the middle, the word “my” is the sign that show the meaning of the tattoo.

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