40 Bohemian Interior Design Ideas

If you want to make your room look with sort of unconventional, Bohemian style may give you some inspirations. Bohemianism was originated from the movement in Paris in late 19th century, when the artists advocated freedom of life and artistic creations. They were group of people with weird clothes and full of creative ideas. The […]

30 Adorable Parrot Tattoo Designs You will Love

tattoo on parrots in Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

Bird tattoo is getting popular for the large avian spectrum on earth. And it makes it possible for people to choose beloved birds for their tattoos. Among the many of bird tattoos, parrot tattoo is especially eye-catching and attractive. It appears on the limbs and bodies of both man and woman. If you are new […]

35 Cute Paw Print Tattoos for Your Inspiration

The beauty of tattoos comes from in many forms. Artistic representations draw attentions and seem irreducible in the domain of visual beauty. However, the beauty of aesthetic tattoos also lies in the variety of objects which could be the metaphors for tattoos, such as paw print tattoos. Paw print is a glimpse of imprint left […]

50 Halloween makeup ideas you will love

Fantasy World Halloween makeup

Halloween is approaching; people could be able to feel the holiday vibe in the air. While kids are dreaming to play the game of trick-or-treating, adults may anticipate the show of costume and makeup, which could transform their faces to various characters in frightening fashion. Halloween makeup becomes one of prevalent Halloween activities as there’s […]

Fashion show by a talented China’s Village Supermodel

Kaigang, Lu is a talented fashion supermodel who’s from countryside of Guanxi province, China. His dream to become a true fashion model started when he’s a primary student. He finds his inspiration when starting his runaway show featuring his self-made costume on the roads of countryside.

Realistic pencil drawings by Deivison Samuel

Deivison Samuel is an artist from Alfenas, Minas GeraisBrazil. Deivison loves to create realistic drawings using colored pencils. Modern cars is one of his favorite subjects. Here please enjoy the collection of his amazing work. Deivison is also an amateur cyclist and future Geographer.