Traditional Art by Rhyn Williams

THE LADY A traditional drawing based from a stock image.

Rhyn Williams is a Welsh traditional artist from the United Kingdom with Bachelor of Fine Arts who loves to create portrait pencil drawings based from a stock image.

Moleskin Doodles by Kerby Rosanes

Valar Morghulis A personal piece inspited by the house sigils and themes of HBO's epic fantasy series, Game OF Thrones.

Kerby Rosanes is an illustrator based in the Philippines. He usually uses ordinary black pens and magically illustrates his own doodles with them. His passion for this personal hobby turned out to be his part time freelance job after being recognized in various design blogs, international magazines and even online communities. Most of his sketches […]

Superhero Bedroom Ideas For Boys

 A simple, less clutter superhero bedroom sample.

The bedroom is probably one of the rooms you will spend most of your time in a house. Bedrooms are not just rooms where we sleep, enjoy or feel comfortable, but also places where we can DIY and practise creative ideas and add fun or wow in the life, especially for children. For boys, fun […]

Unique Personalized Masks by Namingway

ICE DRAGON MASK Color mixture: Blue, Purple, Silver & Teal Gem included - It is a clear jewel but it's got a tremendous amount of fire in it that sparkles with just every color. The mask is roughly 5 3/4" wide by 4 1/2" tall. Handsculpted and handpainted. ICE DRAGON MASK
Color mixture: Blue, Purple, Silver & Teal. Gem included - It is a clear jewel but it's got a tremendous amount of fire in it that sparkles with just every color.

Namingway or Robin is a cartoonist, illustrator, mask maker, sculptor and graphic designer based in the United States. She is currently busy with her online comic called Real Life Fiction however, she continues to take commissions for the masks that she makes. Her masks are all hand sculpted and hand painted making each one unique […]

Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Summer Birthday Party For Girls_DIY Flipflop Invitation

Parties are fun but organizing them can be hard work especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, these days there are so many Summer birthday party ideas which are readily available everywhere. Nowadays, there are online stores that sell party packages from invitations, decorations and even party favors. Don’t know what to do […]

Quirky Art by SangSang

CHINA-KOREA-JAPAN SangSang's interpretation of three ladies from three different countries. Created using watercolor, marker pens and edited via Photoshop. (Left-Right: China, Korea & Japan) CHINA-KOREA-JAPAN

SangSang is a young female artist from South Korea. She makes art pieces using watercolor, marker pens, glitter glues, spray paints and other disposable personal ornaments. She then edits her work via Photoshop to create different effects on her art pieces. Her art can be described as different, quirky, colorful and playful. To her, she […]

Dragon Jewelry & Sculpture by Alvia Alcedo

White Dragoness Stone Painting Necklace by Alvia Alcedo

White Dragoness Stone Agate stone, 3x4cm, glass beads. Painting is much smaller, than on photo! Painting is covered by a special lacquer for a damage protection. Alvia Alcedo is an artist based in Russia. She has a fascination with dragons and other mythical creatures. This fascination continues to inspire her to create many different paintings […]

Speedpainting & Digital Art by Carlo Marcelo

Disney Elsa Frozen by Carlo Marcelo

Carlo Marcelo is an artist based in the United States. He creates illustrations using digital art. He started making digital illustrations just two years ago but he continues to improve more in time. He does speed painting and even makes different portraits of mostly but not limited to female characters. his website