Portrait Paintings by Anja Van Herle


Born in Belgium in 1969, Anja Van Herle combines a European sense of high fashion in her artwork with an American sense of wonder. Her childhood years were devoted to exploring the fundamentals of her art using crayons, pencils and watercolors. In 1987, she enrolled in Belgium’s Higher Institute for Art Education where she earned a Master’s of Fine Arts in Painting. In 2003, Anja relocated to Los Angeles, where she now concentrates on figurative paintings that are inspired by both classic and contemporary fashion while exploring issues of identity, emotion and human interrelationships. As timelessly chic as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Anja’s women are playfully sexy, and their expressions and eyes tell stories that go far beyond the simple exhibition of fine fashion. In Anja’s masterful
hands, fashion becomes alive. “These women—they feel.”

Favorite sunglasses


Sealed with a kiss

Queen for a day

Orange hush


My first blonde


Kissy kissy

Embrace lace



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  1. The illustrations are flat and lack dimension. Very nice for a self taught artist, not so for an educated one! I am an art professor by the way.

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