Quirky Art by SangSang

CHINA-KOREA-JAPAN SangSang's interpretation of three ladies from three different countries. Created using watercolor, marker pens and edited via Photoshop. (Left-Right: China, Korea & Japan) CHINA-KOREA-JAPAN

SangSang is a young female artist from South Korea. She makes art pieces using watercolor, marker pens, glitter glues, spray paints and other disposable personal ornaments. She then edits her work via Photoshop to create different effects on her art pieces. Her art can be described as different, quirky, colorful and playful. To her, she […]

Digital Art By Lisa Keene

Digital Art By Lisa Keene. Inspired by visionary encounters that drive her mission to represent dogs as they are, Lisa brings a keen commercial eye to a heart, soul, play, heartbreak, joy, pleasure and profundity of man’s best friend.

Concept Art by Hong Kuang

Awesome concept Artwork by Hong Kuang. Hong Kuang is an Art Director/Concept Artist/Illustrator based in Beijing, China nad mainly uses Wacom Intuos 4, Painter, Photoshop CS3 for his creations.