Surreal Art by Grigoriou panagiotis

exit to life Grigoriou panagiotis, aka greek-pan, is digital artist from Greece who created amazing artwork which blends Fantasy, surreal with some of modern elements.

Photo Manipulations by Michael Bilotta

absurd Michael Bilotta is a photographer and digital artist from Worcester, Massachusetts who has experimented a variety of creative outlets and media before he finds his true passion digital photography and Photoshop. He created surrealistic photo manipulation works. It is truly a journey into another world to view his work.

Paintings by Kris Lewis

Kris Lewis is an American Contemporary realist artist from Jackson Township, New Jersey who currently resides in Los Angeles. His work often depicts emotional women. It’s a response to both historical portrait painting and popular culture, powerfully combining traditional art practice with contemporary content.

Digital Art by Radoslav Penchev

Radoslav Penchev is a graphic designer and photographer from Bulgaria, Nessebar. Radoslav starts with simple photos and created interesting series of digital artwork. The whole picture looks wonderful, giving a sense of surrealism.

Digital Art by Garun Wattanawessako

Angel of Fire Garun Wattanawessakorn is a digital artist from Thailand who currently lives in Yokohama, Japan. Garun specializes in creating sweet and cute anime characters with emotions – happiness or sadness. His piece Angel of Fire is so popular in dA and received tens of thousand comments and millions of views.